Monday, January 21, 2008

A few of my favorite things!

I just thought I would share a little bit more about me and the things I love. Well love is a strong word since these are just things. Never the less here they are:

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1. I eat at least one and sometimes two Kashi bars a day. I try to hide them from my kids so they don't eat them all up. I take them with me when I do a wedding and they usually save me from wanting to be the first one in line at the buffet.
2. Go get a Skinny Latte at Starbucks as soon as you can, they are wonderful among all the other wonderful delights at Starbucks. The best gifts from my husband are Starbucks gift cards. Which is all I ever really ask for. So if any of you ever want to suprise me, a starbucks gift card would be fabulous!
3. Gallery wraps are one of my favorite photo products. I haven't actually ordered any yet but I hope to fill my house with them soon. I would love to sell more of these they are so clean and modern.
4. Oh how I love, love, love this bag. It started with lusting over the shootsac but they are a little pricey. So I found this daddy diaper bag. Check them out, they have a dudes and divas line. It is perfect for my camera, four lenses, my flash, plenty of batteries, flashcards, water bottle, and of coarse my Kashi bars.
5. These new celeste crocs are on my must have list. I wear my mary-jane crocs probably 90% of the time. There are few things I will do to be in style and sacrificing comfort for fashion isn't one of them.
6. I can't honestly say that I eat healthy all the time but when I'm in the mood this is a great cookbook. It is an oldie but a goody. I just recently cooked Oriental cabbage slaw, whole wheat strawberry bread, and chicken salad. YUM, YUM!
7. My next purchase!! Lightroom has definitely cut my processing time down significantly. What will they think of next! Those guys at Adobe are so talented and should be so proud of the work that they do. They make my job that much more fun and creative.
8. So I can't have a list of favorites without putting a favorite lens on here! The 85mm 1.8 lens is so crisp and yet so soft. The low f-stop is perfect for low light and depth of field. Don't leave home without it!

Thanks to all of my blog readers! I did a drawing for a free photo shoot a while back and it looks like its time to do another one so keep checking back. I will post it in the next week or so.


Kelly, Candace, Brendan & Corbin said...

hey lisa...not sure if you remember me from kept the boys in ladies bible class and we know you from clayton & felicia...anywho, i keep up with your stuff and with you from do some amazing work! i'm always so in awe with the shots you catch! i'm working on getting my business up and going...probably won't happen until the summer (i'm doing free sessions right now to get practice--remember those days?)...anywho, those bags seem really cool...which one do you have?...i looked at the link, but couldn't tell which one was yours and they have some on sale right now--i think they're the mini dudes...anywho, just curious...thanks, or

Deb said...

Another photographer here asking about the bag :) are they padded enough or did you add some in? I too I love the shoot sac but when buying stuff I can't ever seem to push the purchase button on some of the bags i love.

thanks! email me if you can.