Friday, July 6, 2007

This is for my friend Lindsey Cotton of Cotton Photography. Besides my husband she is my biggest fan, I think? Oh well, she has been waiting patiently for me to post a new blog. You should check out her website, she is a wonderful photographer and an even better friend. My family and I are going to Dallas this weekend to spend time with family and go to the Zoo. It's funny how going to the zoo is so much fun when your little and then it slowly looses it's appeal as you get into middle school or high school and then when you get married and have kids it becomes fun again. I think it is more fun now than ever to watch my kids reaction and to see them have fun. Being a mom is no easy task but as most mothers would agree, there is no better feeling in the world than to care for your own children. I took these pics a while back but I loved them so I wanted to post some more from this shoot. The two boys were adorable. God Bless and have fun this weekend everyone. Feel free to leave a comment. I love reading them.

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Cotton Photography said...

Thanks! We are headed out to my grandmother's house and to take Jackson to Sea World tomorrow...looks like we will both be seeing some animal fun this weekend! Be safe and we'll talk soon!

Weekend = unlimited minutes!!!!