Monday, July 9, 2007


We went to Ft. Worth this weekend to vistit my brother and sister in law and we had so much fun. Camille is now 8 months old and as cute as can be. She had the most adorable little laugh. My sister in law and I gave the kids a bath and got some cute pics out of it. Asia loved playing with the baby. She is going to be quite the little mommy someday, but thankfully not anytime soon. I want to keep her this size forever.


Cotton Photography said...

Love it! Call me tonight!

Felicia said...

Adorable! I love both of the pictures you put together. The funny face really captures her cute pug smile! You are so talented! We loved having ya'll with us this weekend. We wish Camille had the chance to play with her cousins more often. We will be seeing you guys soon when Isaac decides to enter the world.