Sunday, June 24, 2007

Galveston Annual Trip

Ok so I havn't posted in a while, I'm sorry. Well here are some pictures from a trip I took to Galveston with my family. It has been a tradition to go to the coast for like the last 10 years now. It doesn't have the cleanest or prettiest beaches but Galveston has so much character to it. I love to smell the air and we get closer to the ocean. It is so refreshing and used to be relaxing until I had kids. Now I am on edge trying to watch them the whole time. Titus, my 11 month old, did just as we predicted and ate the sand the whole time and Asia my 2 year old supprised me by not wanting to really be in the ocean very much. We all had so much fun and we of coarse got some great pics out of it. Titus is the blonde and C.J. is my nephew. This is C.J. with his I am 100% all boy pose. They hate it when I pull out the camera. It's like a "not again" tpye of act but yet I persist and follow them around and pray that they will just give me one more shot, but yet I take 20 more. I can't help it, I'm an addict. I keep thinking they will thank me for this later when they want to look back in time but then again maybe I have just sparked a camera phobia in them and they will need counseling later on. Oh well we got some good pictures out of it anyway.

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