Friday, June 27, 2008

Session Fee Going Up

This is a heads up that as of today my session fee is now $200. But I am going to take 5 more bookings under the old prices so email me if you would like to get in on the old prices.

I also had to post this picture that my rad friend Bonnie Berry took with her rented fisheye lens of our photog get together last night. We had a blast, well at least I did. Sarah and Jennifer let us use there fabulous studio as a meeting place, and just in case your wondering I'm not the least bit jealous, ok maybe just a little. So here is the line up...
Top row: Sherry, Sarah, Bonnie, Jennifer, Tali
Bottom row: Shannon, Me, and Jefferson.
A few more were there but left before the picture was taken. Which is funny because most of the ones that stayed later, had kids. I guess we were so glad to finally have some adult interaction.


annemariephotography said...

cute picture! looks like fun...sad we had to miss :{
next time!!

Stacy Cross said...

Some of us who don't have kids had husbands that needed to be tucked in! :)

Shannon said...

Everytime I look at this picture, I look dorkier and dorkier. Why do I make that face?

Love ya Lisa Woods! Great to see you!