Friday, April 25, 2008

Hot Momma Winners

I would have liked have every mom win. Some of the entries brought tears to my eyes thinking about how much it means to have a great mom in our lives. Thank you for all the entries and the decision was very hard but here are the winners...
1. Sharon Henderson was entered by her daughter Patricia. Patricia says that her mom has devoted her life to raising 4 kids. She was the kind of stay at home mom that went on all the field trips and was involved in all the extra activities. She say's she put up with many sleepless nights because her living room was full of pre-teen girls. She now is an "empty-nester" and instead of laying back and enjoying her solitude she quit her job to stay home with her grandson while her daughter goes to work.
2. Kari Sanchez was entered into the contest by 8 of her friends and family. Kari is the mother of one precious little girl who is about to be 2 years old. This is what her sister Lacy wrote, "It's not easy having your husband be deployed for a year at a time.....but it's happened to her 4 times....and each and every time she holds her head up high and she loves and supports her husband and she does her very best to take on the role of both parents and be the best mom a child could ask for even though deep down she's hurting and missing the love of her life. I can only hope to be as great of a mom and a wife...... as she is someday."
3. Mandy Coolbaugh was entered by her friend Brooke Hailey and this is what she writes, "Mandy's husband Mike was a baseball coach for the Tulsa Drillers, part of the Colorado Rockies oraganization. Last July, Mike was tragically struck in the neck by a foul ball and killed. They have 2 young sons, Joey and Jake and Mandy was pregnant with their 3rd child, Anne Michael, who was born in November and never had the chance to meet her daddy. Mandy is an amazing mom and is now filling the role of mom and dad. And while holding down parenting responsibilities, she continues to grieve the loss of her husband. They are an amazing family....I could go on and on about how great both Mandy and her kids are. But she could definitely use the pampering and I know she would love a photo shoot with her and her kids. They are her forever bond to Mike.
Congrats to the winners and you will be contacted for further details!


Lacy Dyan said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I've been waiting anxiously to see if my sister would win and she did! Thank you so much Lisa!! My sister is going to enjoy it so much! I cannot WAIT to see how your beautiful pictures turn out with her. You are so talented and we are all so thankful that she was one of the chosen ones :) Love, Lacy

The Sanchez Family said...

OMG! I won?? What a sweet sister I have! Thank you Lacy and thank you Lisa for chosing me! A day of pampering sounds fabulous! Now I can have pictures of me to send to my husband, he will love that! Thank you everyone!

Brooke said...

Yay Yay Yay! 2 of my friends won! I can't wait to see the pics of both Kari and Mandy. I know that Mandy will be so excited and so surprised! I just called another friend of Mandy's to let her know and we are both so excited to see your amazing work. And so excited that Mandy was chosen for some is much deserved. Thanks for doing this great contest, Lisa.