Monday, November 12, 2007

Gift Cards are here!

Gift cards are my favorite gift to get. It's like double the presents, it is exciting to get and then even more exciting to spend. So here are some ideas for how they can be used:
1. Christmas pictures, Duh! If you know a family or friend that is long overdue for some holiday pictures what better way to entice them to finally get them done.
2. Senior pictures. I love senior sessions and it is that time again. Teenagers are the hardest to shop for so get them a gift card to get some really hot and trendy pictures done.
3. Wedding gift. If you know someone that just got engaged or is getting married why not help them with their budget by getting them a gift card for their wedding.
4. Do you know someone that is pregnant or just had a baby, this would make a great baby shower gift.
5. Just because! Pictures more than any other gift is a gift that can be cherished forever, a gift that you can really look back on and remember cute faces, enchanted moments, and holiday joys.
Gift cards can be purchased in any amount!

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