Monday, October 8, 2007

Mollie and Sam

I can't say enough about these two. I just love them! I don't know about other photographers but I really do develop such a good relationship with most of my clients. I guess being a part of such an important event in their lives, it's kind of hard not to get emotionally attached. I really never thought that when I started doing weddings that I would love it so much! Sam shed some tears at the alter and then at their first dance. You could tell he felt very blessed to have Mollie in his life and even more blessed to have her as his bride. I wish them the best! Don't forget to leave a comment, I love reading them!


Adrian Woods said...

Your best pictures yet!!!

Stacy Cross said...

Great job Lisa! I especially love the one of them by the fence. Beautiful light!

victoria said...

lisa--amazing job girl!

Wendy White said...

The pictures are absolutely breathtaking! You captured so many beautiful moments on film, and in many unique ways.

I LOVE the wedding dress shown in the full length mirror, the one where everyone's helping Mollie get into her dress (with the POOF above her head!) and the one where Sam is getting teary-eyed during his first dance with Mollie.

They are so lucky to have you, Lisa. I hope that we can come to Austin sometime, and get our family portrait done!