Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mollie and Sam

I had so much fun with this couple. The first time I met Mollie I knew she was going to be great to work with. She was open to doing some fun stuff, thus the Amy's Ice Cream pictures that I had been craving to do for a while. Their wedding is approaching and we had to cancel once because of rain so we got these done in the nick of time! She made my day when she said she was probably going to wear her red boots with her wedding dress! I can't wait to get pictures of that.


Felicia said...

It looks like your staying busy these days! That's good! I need some updated pictures of the kiddos though! Have fun!

Courtney Sprague said...

These are sooooo good! I love the ice cream shots! Sweet! (literally) ;)

kellie said...

Lisa, great job on these! What a cool couple..and I LOVE your locations..