Friday, August 17, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I have been tagged by my new photo bud Jennifer Nichols. I don't know if there are 8 interesting things to write about, um let me see
1. I am addicted to checking other photographers blogs. It is good and bad, it makes me critical of my own work, but pushes me to do better.
2. If I keep a gallon of Chocolate Ice Cream in the freezer I will go through it by myself in a weeks time. It's the same with Cheese Cake. After my son was born I think I ate two slices a day for like three weeks. Gross I know!
3. I love Cheesy chic flicks but I guess it's ok since I am equally addicted to movies such as gladiator and the new casino royal. Oh and all the Oceans and Borne movies.
4. My favorite pass time besides photography is just hanging out with my family.
5. I met my husband many moons ago at church and I kind of knew he always liked me. But every time he called me to hang out it always seemed I had another boyfriend. So about 6 years after we met we finally started hanging out more one summer and I just thought he was so fun and sweet.
6. We found out we were pregnant on our one year anniversary, 9 months later we had a precious baby girl, 17 months after that we had a rough and rowdy little boy.
7. I traveled to oxford, england for study abroad and traveled to Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Austria, and Spain. I just wish I was with my husband at the time to enjoy it with him.
8. I secretly get up every night to turn the AC off because I get cold, my husband always says, honey did you turn the AC off, to which I reply, "no".
The picture above is me pregnant with Titus holding Asia at my Dad's house.

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Felicia said...

I have to tell you that my stomach sank for half a second when I saw this pregnancy picture. Before I realized your stomach couldn't grow that much since the last time I saw you, I thought you were pregnant again! Thanks for the excitement!