Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Need Models

I am looking for Seniors in high school or just some girls or guys that can pass for Seniors. They also need to be willing to get dressed up and do some fun, funky pictures. So if you or you know someone let me know. Of coarse it will be a free session. The picture above is from a shoot I did yesterday and this little one was tired and grumpy and wasn't too happy about having his picture taken. But he was still willing to look up at me for this one and boy is he a cute one. Anyone interested in doing some modeling just go to my website and email me.


Cotton Photography said...

These blue eyes are precious! I'm pumped about the Austin trip!

I'm also pumped about our exciting plans...on the down-low! I think our clients will be excited and want to participate!

Love ya,

The Sanchez Family said...

Wow, look at those eyes, what a great picture!