Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have to confess that I have an addiction. I am obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. I can't get enough of Izy, George, and McDreamy. I think it is the endless saga of the in and out of love and relationships and waiting in anticipation to see who will fall in love next. It's horrible I know. What is it in our make-up that we love the feeling of love. Since we are made in God's Image and "God is Love" then it is who we are beneath the surface. I went to the store today and saw this young guy with what seemed to be his child. As we were leaving the store I could see the child crying and reaching up his hands to his dad to hold him. With a flood of tears running down his face his dad looked down at him and said "just shut up". My heart broke for this little boy and I wanted to go hold him myself. I believe this is why we love going to the movies, to get away from the heart wrinching real life that goes on. I know this has nothing the do with Photography but it was on my heart and I feel that we should try to reach out to show love to those that are starving for it. I am going to start having a "Blessings" Photo shoot a few times a year. So if you know someone who is pregnant, had a newborn, or maybe just hasn't had family pictures done in a while, email me a little somthing about the person you think desevers a free session. Who ever is chosen will get an 8x10 and 4 5x7's. Just email me at or just go to my website and click on the contact me button.


Cotton Photography said...

I need to see new pics to fee my addiction!! I miss talking to time minutes stink!

Cotton Photography said...

okay...FEED...not FEE?!