Sunday, May 6, 2007

Too Amy

So I really didn't think anybody was reading this and almost gave up the blog idea but low and behold a sweet girl from church told me that she has been reading my blog. I couldn't believe it since I have only just begun doing this. I have already forgotten her married name but I know Amy more than she thinks. She has always been Amy Dodd to me. She has one of the most inspirational families I have ever known. Her brother Nathan and I were good friends. Memories of Nathan are far to descriptive to post on just one day's blog but he too was inspirational in his life and as cliche as it may sound, he was even more of an inspiration to me thru his death. A death that is really no death at all but a spiritual life to be lived on. I remember Nathan's heartfelt prayers for his sister Amy when she was sick and the love he had for all people especially sinners. He had a way with drawing near to those that most in the church would turn away from. God bless this most wonderful family. Please check out Amy's blog, I just did for the first time and for the first time in a long time felt a pull to draw nearer to my Lord and savior.


Amy said...

The instant I read this, I dragged my Mom over to read it as well. We all love hearing the thoughts of Nathan's peers and it was a real treat and surprise to see this. I had no idea that you knew him. Thank you for that.
I am so glad I "found" you.
By the way, it's Peterson. My husband grimaces when he hears "Amy Dodd" and that is why I go by "Eric's Wife".

Now and Then Photography said...
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